Planet Live on Screen `was´ a riping non-profit organization wanting to serve the public good, and our constitution hasn`t change so far, so what!? We serve the public good anyway.

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At least as a quite imaginable result of this fairly utopian project, social processes will be triggered leading to change of conciousness and correspondingly to sociopolitical transformations into a bit more spiritualized and a little bit less capitalized and nationalized world community. Last but not least, it could help to bring religious fundamentalism and animosity to new outlooks on life. 

The apt symbol for mankind can be their homeplanet itself.

 That´s what we all have in common - the place where evolution has set us free to do the one thing or the other.

Megascreens + TV

These running pictures of our blue planet shall be broadcast worlwide on megascreens in big cities and in addition via a special TV station which shall be received worldwide, too. Body responsible for this programme could finally become the United Nations.

The association is of the opinion that the project is of general interest and serves the public good, in that it offers mankind a simultaneous and live global self-perception, so that each individual watching could enlarge his rational/emotional knowledge about himself and the world by the pure impact of such vivid a focus. 

PLOS e.V. is committed to ends as follows: work for peaceful international understanding, human rights, preservation of nature as well as the promotion of planetary conciousness. 

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