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We work on a more perfect future where we can find as follows:

UN-Google-NASA et al.-Server  

+ uninterrupted UN-News TV-Broadcast worldwide. 

Roots : 

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The projects goal is a permanent, that is an uninterupted visual availability of dynamical perspectives of our full or in crescent shape appearing homeplanet, good old planet Earth, by means of a weather (and others) satellites supported and computerized quasi live-broadcast from space shown on 1) an United Nations Server, 2)fixed megascreens or 3) smaller versions like such as digital infoscreens at subway stations in our cities or elsewhere.  

Make it a minute-part of news countdowns on TV programs.

Let it happen even with Video beamers at public or privat parties and likewise similiar events just as much.

Show it for some sweet little moments to the audience in the cinemas before the film/movie.

Let these unprecedented pictures reach our focus more often so that our thoughts and acts, socially and personally, could benefit from such an terrific view in many different ways. What do you think how it could affect human affairs?

Let us make it appear in the net - for example at

We promote this idea to make it become reality. It`s Earthtime now.

What is the look of Earth right now? 

The idea is that such a programme could help to stimulate an individual and even a collective inward process of reasoning by the observers, with the possible outcome of a better understanding of the significance, beauty and greatness of our planet as well as the creation of a deeper emotional sense of responsibility for the basis of one´s livelihood on Earth for mankind. 

The ultimate thing about it is that it is thought to be a live-authenticity!

no music yet Apollo 11 return trip

Apollo 11 moon flight / older than 30 years now - what about right now ?!

Earth classics    

 The sooner such views reach our human focus the sooner we get the energy out of it helping us mentally to cope with the global or regional conflicts and issues all over. 

This world really needs big screens and a Daily-Live Earth on it. 

At least such a PLOS-Minute before the TV-News is unprecedented + worth a try. 

Our global civilization better could base its social principles on the principle of the planet itself. It`s limitations. One can call it Limitism and it also should be an economic principle, that stands for broadening the chances for the poor, while letting the rich being rich within dynamical broadbands, which are yet to be found. I`m thinking of too huge companies, too mighty political systems without social-biospherical-democratical control, a too harshy individualism, and so on ... all this is ... out of the broadband. So far for the beginning ...

 We should think of an transition period over the next 30 -50 years, but this Triana-sort of communication will work. The question is : sooner or later? And how can we get it sooner? 

elefant painting + song Apollo 15 ?

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PLOS  ( Founded in July 1997 /´94) was registered in the Register of Societies kept by the Wiesbaden till 2015 / Germany / Municipal Court.